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Shieldex® 117/17 x2 HCB

Shieldex® 117/17 x2 HCB

Extremely conductive - this yarn with a titer of 117dtex and an electrical resistance of <300 Ω/m can be embroidered for numerous applications in the field of smart textiles and sensor applications. Due to the double twist (x2) and the higher silver content, the yarn is highly conductive (HC = High Conductivity)

  • The twisted silver yarn Shieldex® 117/17 x2 HC + B is a Z-twisted yarn with a titer of 117dtex and a round cross-section. The conductive yarn is mainly processed in products that require extremely good conductivity. These include textile conductors, sensors, actuators, heating and lighting textiles. To achieve an even higher tensile strength, this yarn is also often twisted with other polymers. The target market for this product is the large-scale textile industry. Shieldex® 117/17 x2 HC + B is OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 certified. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

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