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Shieldex® 235/36 x6 HCB

Shieldex® 235/36 x6 HCB

Extremely conductive yarn due to an electrical resistance of <30 Ω/m. Shieldex® 235/36 x6 HCB makes textiles glow and heat! Ideal for embroidered sensory applications.

  • The six-ply, extremely conductive yarn Shieldex® 235/36 x6 HCB has a titer of 235dtex and a round cross-section. The conductive yarn is processed in the textile industry in products that require extremely good conductivity. These include, for example, textile conductors, embroidered sensors, actuators, and heating and illuminating textiles in the field of smart textiles and smart wearables. The applied coating (+ B) protects the silver from mechanical stress. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

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