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Shieldex® 78/20 + B

Shieldex® 78/20 + B

Antimicrobial, antistatic and in addition perfect for any applications in the field of shielding and electrosensitivity in the textile clothing industry (silver is a biocidal agent according to §67 of the EU Biocide Regulation). The applied coating (+ B) protects the silver anchored in the yarn from mechanical stress.

  • Shieldex® 78/20 has a linear density of 78dtex and a round cross-section. The Z-twisted yarn is primarily used in the textile industry in products with antistatic, antimicrobial and electromagnetic shielding functions. Other examples of processing include antimicrobial and anti-odor and electromagnetic shielding garments and antistatic carpets and curtains. The applied coating (+ B) protects the silver from mechanical stress. The target market for this product is the large-scale textile industry. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

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