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Shieldex® 80 μ Monofil

Shieldex® 80 μ Monofil

Monofilament yarn with a titer of 80 microns and an electrical resistance of <200 Ω/cm. The conductive yarn is mainly used for antistatic purposes in products for IT, for example.

  • With an electrical resistance of <200 Ω/cm, Shieldex® 80 μ monofilament is ideally suited for static dissipation. The conductive yarn is primarily processed in antistatic screen aprons and shielding braided sleevings. The target market for this product is the large-scale textile industry, especially knitting mills. Shieldex® 80 μ monofilament is OEKO-Tex® certified. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

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