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Shieldex® Bonn

Shieldex® Bonn

Highly conductive nonwoven - this thermally bonded nonwoven has a silver content of approx. 17% and an electrical conductivity of < 0.5 Ω/□. Due to its shielding and electrically conductive properties, Shieldex® Bonn is particularly suitable for sensors in medical technology and for static dissipation in electronic components.

  • Shieldex® Bonn is a thermally bonded nonwoven made of polyamide with a silver content of approx. 17%. Due to the silver content, this nonwoven has an antimicrobial effect, is electrically and thermally conductive and shields against electromagnetic radiation. Despite its antimicrobial properties, Shieldex® Bonn is primarily processed for technical purposes in industry. In addition to EMC protection, these technical products also ensure antistatic dissipation and very good electrical conductivity of up to < 0.5 Ω/□. Products include, for example, sensors in medical technology, shielding wallpaper in room shielding or antistatic discharges in electronic components. OEKO-Tex® Standard 100, REACH and RoHS conformity is given.

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