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Shieldex® Electrode Set

Shieldex® Electrode Set

Shieldex® Electrode Set - This set revolutionizes how we conduct electrode tests and develop applications. It results from our successful collaboration with the renowned ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH. Shieldex® Electrode Set is ideal for testing purposes and expanded applications.

  • The Shieldex® Electrode Set is a collection of nine moss-stitched electrodes in three different sizes. It comes in three versions, each containing different types of stitched yarns - Shieldex® 33/10, Shieldex® 78/20, and Shieldex® 235/36. Each electrode has an additional stitched area that makes it easier to connect to your electronics, for example, using conductive snaps.


    The electrodes each have the following diameters:


    3 x Ø 20 mm

    3 x Ø 43 mm

    3 x Ø 65 mm

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