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Shieldex® Faraday Bag

Shieldex® Faraday Bag

The Shieldex® Faraday Bags are designed to suppress interference from ambient noise when performing EMC pre-compliance measurements. DUTs / EUTs placed in the bag are shielded and thus isolated from the room.


Depending on the requirements, the Shieldex® Faraday Bags consist of two or three layers of conductive and electromagnetic radiation shielding Shieldex fabrics. The bags are available in two sizes (XL & L). The access opening of the Faraday Bag is closed with conductive Velcro. Cables can be inserted through a conductive cable grommet. Metallized Shieldex® VELCRO® is also used to shield the cable pocket.

  • The Shieldex® Faraday Bag Double Layer consists of two layers of shielding fabric. In addition to Shieldex® Berlin RS, the Shieldex® Nora Dell RS fabric metallized with silver, copper and nickel is also processed in the Shieldex® Faraday Bag Double. Due to the multilayer metallization, the extremely conductive textile shields up to 56 dB in the 26-40 GHz frequency range. The extremely high copper content significantly improves electrical conductivity. This textile is ideal for all technical applications. All shielding fabrics are produced and processed by hand in Bremen, Germany.

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