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Shieldex® Köln

Shieldex® Köln

Shieldex® Koln is a chemically bonded nonwoven fabric metallized with pure copper. With a shielding performance of approx. 80 dB in the frequency range 0.2 GHz to 14 GHz, this conductive nonwoven is particularly suitable for shielding cables and as a base material for fabric tapes.

  • Shieldex® Koln is a chemically bonded nonwoven made of polyamide. Due to the metallization with pure copper and a content of over 50%, this thermally and electrically conductive nonwoven is ideal for antistatic discharges. At the same time, Shieldex® Koln is shielding against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and is therefore mainly processed in products that must ensure EMC protection. These include wallpapers in room shielding as well as EMC gaskets. Due to its flexible properties and high conductivity of <0.02 Ω/□, this textile is also used as a sensor surface in smart carpets.

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