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Shieldex® Kassel RS

Shieldex® Kassel RS

Conductive fabric metallized with copper and silver. With an electrical resistance of <0.03 Ω/□, Shieldex® Kassel RS is ideal for all technical applications. These include textile conductors and the shielding of cables and rooms against electromagnetic radiation.

  • Shieldex® Kassel RS is a conductive fabric metallized with pure silver and additionally coated with a high copper content of 50%. The copper coating is intended to protect the conductive fabric from corrosion. The robust ripstop fabric structure of approx. 2,500 threads per cm² (warp and weft direction) allows the use for many technical applications. In particular, Shieldex® Kassel RS is used in the field of textile cable shielding as well as for room shielding. The shielding performance is approx. 80 dB in the frequency range 0.2 GHz to 14 GHz. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

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