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Shieldex® Key Pouch

Shieldex® Key Pouch

SKU: 80048001

Our Shieldex® Key Pouch is the most secure solution for signal blocking keyless go keys. Automotive "Keyless Go" technology for locking and unlocking the vehicle offers great potential for possible vehicle theft. Within a certain range, the wireless key communicates continuously with the car, even when the wireless key is safely stored indoors. This signal can be intercepted, and the vehicle opened and stolen by unauthorized persons. Our Shieldex® Key Pouches offer reliable shielding of the radio keys, providing secure keyless go and car theft protection.

  • The Shieldex® Key Pouch provides reliable protection against car theft by blocking the radio waves from the keyless go key. Furthermore, it is suitable for all popular keyless go and keyless entry systems, has a convenient size and is made of durable materials that are 100% produced in Germany. In addition, all Shieldex Pouches are certified according to the IEEE 299/2006 standard.

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