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Shieldex® Nice

Shieldex® Nice

Nice is a chemically bonded nonwoven made of polyamide metallized with copper and nickel. Due to the coating with copper and nickel, this nonwoven is particularly suitable for antistatic dissipation as well as for applications in the field of textile sensor surfaces. The electronic surface resistance is <0.02 Ω/□.

  • Shieldex® Nice is a nonwoven fabric made of polyamide 6.6 that has been chemically bonded and metallized with copper and nickel. Due to its coating, Shieldex® Nice is an electrically and thermally conductive textile that additionally shields against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Application examples can be found primarily in industry, where the conductive textile is processed in products that provide EMC protection or antistatic dissipation. These include wallpaper in room shielding or antistatic discharges in electronic components (fax, copier, etc.) or textile EMC seals. Due to the electronic surface resistance of <0.02 Ω/□, Shieldex® Nice is also used as a sensor surface in smart carpets, floor coverings or similar products. REACH and RoHS compliance is given.

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