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Shieldex® Nora RS

Shieldex® Nora RS

Shieldex® Nora RS is a ripstop fabric metallized with silver, copper and nickel. In the Nora family this textile has the lowest metal content, but due to the increased copper content of approx. 40% it is ideal for textile cable shielding and EMC tents. The electrical surface resistance is <0.03 Ohm/□.

  • Shieldex® Nora RS is a silver-plated polyamide fabric that has been additionally metallized with copper and nickel. The additional coating increases the conductivity of the fabric enormously. Due to the robust ripstop fabric structure of approx. 2,500 threads per cm² (warp and weft direction), this fabric is used in industry for many technical applications. Due to the high copper content of almost 45% and the resulting shielding performance of approx. 80dB in the frequency range 0.2 GHz to 14 GHz, the conductive fabric is primarily processed for textile cable shielding as well as for room shielding. REACH and RoHS conformity is given.

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