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Shieldex® Smartphone | Tablet Shielding pouches

Shieldex® Smartphone | Tablet Shielding pouches

Shieldex® shielding pouches provide comprehensive protection against data misuse and external access such as hacking and tracking. Once securely stowed in the pouch, electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets are safely protected from any external radiation and external access. Shielding performance averages up to 85 dB in the frequency range of 0.7 to 5 GHz. Shieldex® shielding pouches are available in two variants: budget and premium. Choose the variant that best suits your needs and protect your electronic devices from unwanted access.


Shieldex® shielding pouches have also been measured to IEEE Standard 299-2006, MIL Standard 285 and NSA-94-106. When the electronic device is securely enclosed in the shielding pouch, no functions can be triggered remotely on the device, nor can important data be erased.

  • DThe Shieldex® Shielding Pouch Premium is the perfect choice for those who require the highest quality and reliability. This pouch is made of an excellent two-layer material combination, which contains metallized and shielding fabrics with silver, copper, nickel and tin and safely protects your electronic devices from any external rays.


    The Shieldex® Shielding Pouch Premium is ideal for use in IT forensics, intelligence and defence as well as all applications where the highest quality and reliability is required. Rely on the outstanding shielding performance and dual-layer material combination to protect your data and devices from unwanted access.

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