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Shieldex® Technik-tex P180 + B

Shieldex® Technik-tex P180 + B

The knitted fabric metallized with pure silver consists of 6% Dorlastan and, compared to Shieldex® Technik-tex P130 + B, is only stretchable in one direction. The conductive textile is particularly well suited as a dry electrode, as the silver-plated surface enables perfect homogeneous current distribution.

  • Shieldex® Technik-tex P180 + B is a hybrid knitted fabric consisting of 94% polyamide and 6% Dorlastan. In this case, the elastane contained in the conductive textile is knitted in the warp direction, so that this material can only be stretched on one side. Shieldex® Technik-tex P180 + B is mainly processed in technical products that require homogeneous current distribution. These include, for example, electrodes for electronic muscle and nerve stimulation (EMS) or for measuring vital parameters in the field of smart wearables. RoHS and REACH conformity is given

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