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Shieldex® TPU Kit

Shieldex® TPU Kit

SKU: 8005551

The Shieldex® TPU Kit is ideally suited as a sample kit for technical applications in the field of textile cable replacement. The Shieldex TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insulated yarns are highly conductive and offer many advantages over conventional cables due to their textile structure and additional sheathing. The TPU sheathing completely insulates the yarn. The yarn is therefore washable and protected from external influences. Due to the textile structure and the silver-plated yarn, the TPU yarn is an ideal replacement for conventional copper cables. To test the electrically and thermally conductive properties of the TPU yarn, we offer the Shieldex® TPU Kit.

  • The Shieldex® TPU Kit contains everything you need to test the conductive TPU yarns. In addition to the TPU yarns Sieldex® 117/17 x2 HCB TPU (75m) and Shieldex® 235/36 x2 HCB TPU (50m), the sample kit includes 200 ferrules as well as a wire stripper with conductor cross sections AWG 40-26 (equivalent to approx. 0.005-0.14 mm²) for the TPU yarn. In addition, the Shieldex® TPU kit also includes an instruction manual and a general overview of our electrically conductive yarns.

  • The electrically and thermally conductive TPU yarns can be bent thousands of times without breaking due to their additional TPU coating. The insulating coating protects the yarn from external influences and is also washable. The resistances of the yarns included in the TPU kit range (depending on the yarn) from <80 Ω/m to <300Ω/m.

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