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Shieldex® Zell RS CR

Shieldex® Zell RS CR

Extremely conductive fabric metallized with silver, copper and tin and a surface electrical resistance of 0.02 Ω/□. The additional CR coating makes the conductive textile Shieldex® Zell RS CR compatible for cleanroom applications and additionally shields against infrared radiation.

  • Just like Shieldex® Zell RS, Shieldex® Zell RS CR is an extremely conductive fabric coated with silver, copper and tin. Furthermore, this fabric is equipped with a special coating (CR) which makes this fabric compatible for clean room applications. The conductivity of the fabric is extremely increased by the additional copper and tin coating. Tin makes the fabric solderable and allows good contacting to other materials. The robust rip stop fabric structure of 2,500 threads per cm² in warp and weft direction, Shieldex® Zell RS CR is used in industry for many technical applications where mechanical stress is the main concern. Furthermore, the conductive textile is processed in the field of textile cable shielding, room shielding as well as in mobile shielding tents, as it additionally shields against infrared radiation.

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