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Shieldex® Zeven + 30

Shieldex® Zeven + 30

Nonwoven fabric metallized with copper, ideal for products that need to ensure EMC protection (shielding performance up to 100 dB) or antistatic dissipation. The special feature of the copper-plated nonwoven is the additional tin coating, which makes the textile solderable and ideal for technical applications.

  • Shieldex® Zeven + 30 is a thermally bonded nonwoven. The conductive textile is metallized with copper and tin, the base material is polyamide 6.6. The special properties of the nonwoven are its thermal and electrical conductivity. In addition, Shieldex® Zeven + 30 has a shielding effect against electromagnetic radiation. The special feature of this conductive textile is the additionally applied tin layer. The tin layer allows the textile to be soldered and thus easily contacted with other components. Shieldex® Zeven + 30 is mainly processed in industry in products that need to ensure EMC protection or antistatic dissipation. Examples of applications include wallpaper as room shielding, or antistatic discharges in electronic components (fax, copiers, etc.). Due to its solderability, it is also frequently processed as an EMC gasket.

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